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Lil Mosquito Disease - Infection (1 Year Anniversary)

It has been one whole year since Lil Mosquito Disease released the Flex Entertainment classic, Infection. This album took the label to a whole new level. Songs like “Issa Banger” and “Trombone Attacc” show that this label is capable of making different songs besides earrape and low quality music. The production on the album isn’t perfect but you can tell Mosquito put actual effort into this album. This was the album that got Brad Taste in Music gave a 7/10, calling it the best meme album out there. This inspired other Flex artists to step their game up. The fact that it all started when a guy named Broken Trombone Boi wanted Mosquito to make a diss track on some Anime Narrator guy. A year later, Mosquito is the co-founder of Flex Entertainment and has a song with over 100K views on YouTube. His channel has surpassed 3K with thousands of views pouring in every week. This shows that meme rap can be popular as long as you use creativity. Hilarious samples like “It’s a Warzone” and “Girls Like You” show this album’s diversity. If you’re gonna make a shit show, make it entertaining.

And now, we will take a look at some of the best tracks from the album.

Issa Banger (feat. Yung Schmoobin)

The first track is a pop rap song which features Flex founder Yung Schmoobin. This has a very catchy hook from Schmoobin and entertaining verse from Mosquito. Along with an awesome beat that can get stuck in your head. It may be a 6ix9ine type beat but it is still more listenable than anything he’s ever put out.

A Mukbang Minecraft Freestyle (ft. Lil Bodypillow)

It might be the nostalgia kicking in but hearing “Subwoofer Lullaby“ by C418 over a trap beat excited me. Lil Bodypillow’s verse was stupidly hilarious. The main part that won me over was going from Bodypillow’s low quality verse to Mosquito screaming out of nowhere. It is definitely a funny vibe track.

Captain Out of Tune, Pt. 2 (ft. Yung Schmoobin, A.J., and Lil Flexer)

This is a big step up from the original Captain Out of Tune. The GarageBand beat is replaced with a funky energetic beat. Mosquito has a funny verse but the real star of the song is Yung Schmoobin. This is where the famous “Schmoobin be Movin” gif comes in. Schmoobin fits unbelievably well on the beat and basically runs away with the whole song. A.J. comes in with a fast flow with obvious inspiration from Travis Scott. We also get a dope beat switch into Lil Flexer’s better than average verse. It ends with a Big Shaq sample to tie up an entertaining song.

Bitch I’m the Best (ft. Lil Flexer)

If there is one song that would go hard at a Lil Mosquito Disease concert, it is this one. A Wii Resort theme and a trap beat, how does this work? There is so much high energy in this song. The hook is repetitive but there is a lot of passion. Flexer and Mosquito went off with this one.

Slide on the Blocc (ft. Lil Jergens)

The sample choices on this album, I swear. “Slide” by Calvin Harris combined with a trap beat works in a mysterious way. It sounds nice in the beginning until Mosquito’s autotuned dialogue which always gives me a laugh. Lil Jergens’ verse is low quality and slightly off beat but it is still funny.

Trombone Attacc

This is Mosquito’s most popular song and understandably so. Mosquito sells this song perfectly. It uses “Heart Attack” by Scarlxrd to its best ability. The shouting, passion, and ridiculous rapping make this so memorable. Mosquito literally starts coughing after the fast rap bit, which nobody blames him for. Along with a hilarious music video that will leave you dead on the floor. This is a meme classic and easily the best song on the album.

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