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Meet This Month's Featured Artist for April 2020

Kansas' own Yung Schmoobin is this month's Flex Artist of the month. He began his career in 2017 with "YouTube Money." He never knew what his life would become in three years. Schmoobin was planning to release his debut mixtape in May 2018. He reached out to Brad Taste in Music to collab on his YouTube Money Mixtape. Brad reviewed his album on his channel and brought a lot of attention to his music. He continued to experiment in Garage Band. Schmoobin was planning on getting a large amount of people to appear on a remix of YouTube Money. The track was then released on December 24. Artists like Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Flexer, and Lil Meerkat appeared on the track.

Flexer, Mosquito, and Schmoobin were in talks about starting a label. On January 5, it was the birth of the Flex Entertainment label where the two labels of Asseating Records and Old Man Dad Records were merged to create it. Schmoobin continued to release projects throughout 2019 including "Yung Box Flexin", "Sad Lives Matter", and "It's 9 PM and I'm Bored." He started to receive more positive reception compared to his first record. His features especially on "Issa Banger" and "Captain Out of Tune, Pt. 2" were praised.

Fast forward to March 2019, Schmoobin has released his third mixtape "Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat." It received very positive reception from critics of all kinds. It is considered one of the Flex Entertainment's best projects. Singles like "All That", "Hippity Hoppity", and "Meningitis" became some of Schmoobin's most popular songs. His production and rapping has improved massively since his YouTube Money days. It's a shame he hasn't had a song that has blown up. We hope that 2020 is the year of Yung Schmoobin.



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