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Our Top 5 UNDERRATED Flex Projects: Flex Blog Weekly 8/7

Flex Entertainment has so many classic projects under its belt. These classics include "Infection" by Lil Mosquito Disease, "Bomboclaat" by Yung Garfield, "God Mode" by Lil Squeaky, "Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat" by Yung Schmoobin, "Lambo Season" by Yung Lambo, "Pollen" by Kid Floral; The list goes on. But with a large number of amazing projects released, some projects, for one reason or another, get swept under the rug from the limelight. So we would like to highlight some underrated Flex projects that all Flex fans should listen to. Here's our list of the top 5 most underrated Flex Projects (in no particular order).

1. G10CK - RUN! EP

G10CK's EP "RUN!" is a trap metal EP that bangs! G10CK is a very underappreciated artist in Flex Entertainment for the reason that many people don't know that there are more trap metal artists than just Lil Mosquito Disease. This project shows clear influence from Lil Darkie and other spider gang members, so if you're a fan of that type of music, you'll enjoy your time listening to "RUN!" Great songs on the EP are "GTFO!" and "Guns".

2. Lil Pony - Portapotty

While most of Lil Pony's clout is from Soundcloud, "Portapotty" flew under the radar within the Flex community. This album is a very funny mix of meme rap and trap. This album has great songs like "Galactic" which samples Super Mario Galaxy OST and it features "A.J." It also has a legendary collaboration with "Ballin!" which features fan-favorite Lil Bit Handicapped, and ex-Flex artist xofilo, which is still very much liked within the Flex community.

3. Truck Gang - Truck Gang

Truck Gang is a meme-rap, boom-bap, and trap group formed by Flex Artists Payden McKnight, Depp Gibbs, White Fury, Young Seagull, and Lil Pinecone. Unlike a lot of groups formed under Flex Entertainment, Truck Gang was one of the first to actually finish a project. With the legendary lyricism of Young Seagull, the energy of Depp Gibbs and White Fury, and the early traces of some of Payden McKnight's first amazing beats, this is a force that cannot be reckoned with. While "Truck Month" is the only song that is remembered by many, it also contains underrated classics like "Truck It Up" (which was a Vol. 3 reject), "Trucking Problems", "2020 Ranger", "Trucks In the Ghetto", and a remix of "Truck Month" which features the only Famous Zack feature on any Flex project, in which he recorded at Wendy's.

4. CRZFawkz - Summer Fawkz

CRZFawkz is one of the most underrated Flex artists for the reason that he drops so much. But of all of his vast amount of albums, Summer Fawkz is the one album that should be listened to by all Flex fans.

5. JJ LOVES SOME GRU - Forknife

JJ LOVES SOME GRU is one of the most successful Flex artists with his breakout hit "Yah Yeet". But for whatever reason, JJ LOVES SOME GRU isn't talked about as often in the Flex community. And that ends today! This album is one of the funniest albums from Flex Entertainment in 2021. If you get the chance, listen to this incredible ride of laughter.

Those were our top 5 most underrated Flex projects! Let us know what you think by joining our Discord server!

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